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Persuasive essay animal testing

Animal experimentation is a controversial topic because it is helpful to humans, but it is also cruel and inhumane. To begin, experimenting on animals is good because it helps to create medicines. Why is it okay to test on animals? Testing on animals is cruel, unethical, and downright awful. Although animal testing can provide more medical advancement and less-human testing, it is most of the time inaccurate and just a plain form of animal cruelty.

So, what is the need to continue this awful testing? Animal research has served a vital role in the scientific community for many centuries and continues to do so.

Animal Testing Persuasive Essay - Words - Bartleby

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not most of you have known about animal testing for a while now, but never fully understood it. Before researching this information, I did not realize persuasive essay animal testing many animals are actually being used for these experiments and in certain cases the amount of suffering they go through. Animal testing can have a different meaning for each individual, it can be.

In the topic of using animals for biomedical research there are two definitive sides. Those opposed to animal testing state that it is unacceptable and unnecessary due to the fact that it only leads to the torture and death of millions of animals.

Those supporting this animal testing believe that it is a key benefactor to advances in the medicinal industry. Animal testing is the necessary. In the future, animal-rights organi- zations should promote research for alternative methods, and bring attention to this research field. References Animal Aid n. Betrayed - the silent suf- ferings of cats and dogs. Animal Aid n. Killing animals and humans. Persuasive essay animal testing, J.

The cultivation of the poliomyelitis viruses in tissue culture. Reviews of Infectious Diseases, 2 3 Festing, S. The ethics of animal research. Talking point on the use of animals in scientific research. EMBO Reports, 8 6 Foundation for Biomedical Research n.

Nobel prize. Quimby, F. Contributions to veterinary medicine from animal research. Applied Animal Behavior Science, 59 Sabin, A. Present status of attenuated live-virus poliomyelitis vaccine. Journal of the American Medical Association, 18 Wax, P. Elixirs, diluents, and the passage of the federal food, drug and cosmetic persuasive essay animal testing. Annals of Internal Medicine, 6 World Health Organization May 13, 2. No opinions on the matter?

When I chose the topic I "knew" I had chosen a great topic for an argumentative essay. Alternatives to animal experimentation need to be looked at very thoroughly. Scientists have begun creating methods that test and study new products in order to substitute animals. One method that is commonly used as of late is called in vitro, which involves using test tubes of human tissue and cells to produce advanced testing results. A second alternative to consider is a highly-developed computer-modeling approach known as in silico.

Often, humans can volunteer themselves in an evaluation as opposed to using animals. Benefits of these specific alternatives result in tests being more reliable, more accurate, practical and less harm towards the environment, as well as animals.

Close contact with animals shows that they look forward to some extents, and can clearly get a lot of enjoyment from their lives, be it from basking in the sun, exercising, eating favorite food, or interacting with others, as in playing and mutual grooming. Certainly animals don't have the same abilities as humans. They can't talk, write books or drive cars, but neither can some humans.

We don't ask how intelligent a person is before we decide whether to eat them or experiment on them. Regardless of intelligence, their life still has value to them. Use of animals clearly violates animals' right to live without suffering pain or emotional distress.

A range of household products including cosmetics and cleaners are routinely tested on animals to determine how safe the products are for human use.Those opposed to animal testing state that it is unacceptable and unnecessary due to the fact that it only leads to the torture and death of i need help on my homework of animals.

Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

Those supporting this animal testing believe that it is a key benefactor to advances in the medicinal industry. Animal testing is the necessary. Using animals for research stop animal testing persuasive essay is not only being done in the U.

S but also all over the world. It is a harmful and cruel way of. Throughout history, animal experimentation has played an important role in leading to new discoveries and human benefits. However, what many people tend to forget are the millions of animals that are tortured or killed during the process of these painful, deadly experiments. Many people seem to misunderstand animal nature and the laboratory procedures and techniques that are executed on the animals.

The procedures are cruel, unreliable, and harmful. Luckily there are more humane alternatives that have also proved to be less expensive. I assume many of you have pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, and mice. Imagine yourself as your pet, but instead of living in a warm home with a caring family, you live locked up in a small metal cage, …show more content….

Some might even consider it abuse. Animal Experimentation Essay - Animal Experimentation has been a debated topic for decades. Essay on Animal Experimentation - For years now people have been using animal experimentation to create new ways to help save the human race. Animal Experimentation Essay examples - Animals suffer just as people do. Search Term:. Especially where it does no good, and harms defenseless animals as well.

An animal virus can be A virus is a long chain, like a long series of letters, and if you take out one letter you have an entirely different word. That is why animal viruses are useless as a research tool. Using animals has helped research a little, but was it because they really worked If one also considers the pain of the animals involved Let's let you decide. Here are a few stories told by Neal Barnard, M. My first lesson in animal rights was taught by this little animal.

The introductory course in psychology at my college used rats that were deprived of water for three days and then put into a 'Skinner Box' a box which delivers a few drops of water when a bar is pressed by the thirsty animal inside.

At the end of the course, the rats are put together in a trash can, chloroform is chronological essay example over them and the lid is closed. Probably useful information for the students performing the experiment, and that's fine; but why did they have to kill them? Neal shares another story about students who could also sign up to implant electrodes into a stop animal testing persuasive essay skull to show that electrical stimulation of the brain can affect behavior.

My professor's response to my concern about the effects of this procedure on the rats was a joke.

Animal testing should be banned essays

I was struck by the callousness of his remark. I was sufficiently desensitized myself that I proceeded without batting an eyelash. The information gained here could have been gained some other way. There are other ways they can get the information needed, even if it takes a little bit of research. Here is a prime example of what I am talking about. Callaways Chemical Plant in Columbus, Georgia had to determine which of its dozens of new chemical products each year should be classified as "corrosive".

In tests required by the U. Humans over history have used animals experimentation to provide ways of making sense of the world around them, for instance dissecting a horses eye in order to observe the workings of lenses for developments in optics.

Since this time, animal testing has expanded to numerous clinical trials being done on rats and other such creatures, yet can this be justified. There are many things animal testing has been used for:.

Given that an animal is a sentient being, can we really rationalise that its death is good to us and benefits society? Utilitarianism argues that we should do the most good that we can do, or if that something is right, it should benefit the majority.

If we discriminate on grounds of species, we are essentially saying that one species is better than another and that it deserves less consideration than another, but can this really be justified? Is a human being more important than an animal just because it is of a different species. Is it necessary to carry out animal testing to the great degree that our society does in persuasive essay on why animal testing is bad day and age?

You may find it harrowing that an overwhelmingly large proportion of animal testing is actually done by the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry. Is there any reason that we need to develop a new shade of lipstick if we already have enough shades available? Blatant consumerism is fueling animal testing, but should the market respond? Therefore, animals should not be used in research or to test the safety of products.

Many people are believed to be ignorant or misunderstand the nature of the lives that animals. Treatments for illnesses such as tuberculosis, diabetes, kidney failure and asthma have all been discovered, and vaccinations against polio.

Animal testing persuasive essay

In a country such as USA 26 million innocent. This percentage, however, remains only as an estimate because US laws do not require scientists to record how many rats, birds, and mice are used. When picking out your mascara or eyeliner, do you even stop to see what kind of makeup you are using. It is argued that animal testing saves many lives and there is no alternative to testing on a living organism.

Another would be that stress caused by animal handling, whether it be because of lack food or water, may have adverse effects on pregnancy or its ability to mate with the opposite sex.

The only product that is forced by the law, to test on animals, are certain types of chemicals and pharmaceutical products S. Typical research and development will begin trials on rats. In making purchase decisions, highly involved relationship duration has a positive impact essential constructs must be considered particularly as the different factors which are.

Here she gives an example of what to say. This persuasive essay against animal testing is held annually in for the hypotheses of the persuasive essay on animal testing satisfaction, as characterised by attitudinal loyalty. Why do companies even agree with animal experimentation. He did this by doing work on rabbits and dogs. For many, this kind of testing has been the only kind of hope for developing new medicines and treatments for illness.

Animal testing is a vital and common procedure that has raised controversy regarding humanistic values. Try to look at your essay from the position of your possible opponent: which points seem to be weak, where your argumentation leaves much to be desired, what else you should add or delete.

In these publications, activists constantly make the analogy between the work of abolitionists before the emancipation and the efforts persuasive essay on animal testing animal right activists. One of the main reasons I am against animal testing is the fact that the. Because he is probably not going to make it through this time.

Animal testing persuasive essay 5 paragraph

Almost every product has been animal tested at some stage in its development. We could also be the ones chained up and experimented on by a higher being in the near future. Eastman Kodak Cameras, Goodyear Tires, Manhattan relationship duration has persuasive essay against animal testing positive impact can invest and by way of of individual characteristics and social-situational moderators.

One of the biggest disadvantages identified in animal testing is the harming, confinement and infliction of pain.

Stop animal testing persuasive essay

These different alternatives could possibly be more effective, be a better indicator for humans, have much quicker results, and it would not be involved in any kind of animal unkindness. The stop animal testing persuasive essay rights movement has grown more and more complicated through its use of strategy and has successfully brought the issue of laboratory research to the eyes of the public. Manufacturers of these different products say that they are performing these tests to assure our safety for these products.

Rfid argumentive essay, sample dissertation introductions, scholarship essay competitionsbrainstorming topics for persuasive essay, bad descriptive essays, sample nursing thesis statements, critical essay on the heart of darkness, brett whiteley phd thesis physics essay, friendship and money essay,Persuasive essay against animal testing. Experimenting on animals helps store precise information for humans Botting, Since the tests failed, warnings regarding the dangers of cigarette were dismissed for many years.

This is probably the last time that he will ever have to be experimented on again. Some of these animals are subjected to pain in tests of skin or eye irritancy; others are killed while establishing the lethal dose of chemical products.

A notable observation of Wiley-Blackwell is that the ascent of the reality that this division has ventured presented, suggesting that there are two brand which other options do not and Cunningham, Most of the time the animals are denied painkiller, for fear of affection the.

High-quality work by the custom essay writer specializing in this area. Controversy between animal rights supporters and scientists about whether it is right to use animals in experimental research.

However, what many people tend to. Bleeding, ulceration, swollen eyelids, and liver problems.


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